Citrus keraji

Citrus keraji
Citrus keraji
Product Code: Keraji
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Keraji Citrus keraji hort. ex Tan. Mandarina

In the past it was known as the variety C. nobilis Lour. subsp. suntara var. kagoshimensis. Prof. T. Tanaka gave it a status of botanical species.
The tree is vigorous, very wide, growing only to medium heights. Its fruit is neither big nor small (4,5-7,5cm) and has a distinctive ridge. Fruit's rind is dark yellow, quite pebbled, yet easy to peel. Its pulp is amber yellow, very soft, sweet and has around 9 segments with a hollow central column. There's also a fair number of seeds inside each fruit. Keraji citrus is cultivated in Japan, mostly because of its cold hardiness

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