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Product Code: tatarka
Plant Base: Crataegus monogyna
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 4 year
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Tatarka - Tatar pear - (x Sorbopyrus sp.) - It is a descendant of "Bollvilleriany - chevron pears" - intergeneric hybrid pears and probably Sorbus aria, accidentally found in Alsace before 1650, from whose seeds grown about 100 years ago M. Tatar in Prague Botanical garden "pear" Tatarová. Sorbopyrus have the small golden yellow fruit, very juicy, deliciously sweet taste that  no mealy  and suitable for direct consumption, as well as canned, when in both cases reminds exotic fruit. It ripens in August-September. The tree is easy growing in gardens, has a balanced, compact growth, so it acts very decoratively.
Do not suffer
Cacopsylla pyricola and Gymnosporangium sabina. Bearing started until about 8 years after planting.

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