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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Wekiwa Tangelolo Tanželolo

Pink, Wakiwa, Wekiwa SG


Tangelolo 'Wekiwa' is a cross of grapefruit 'Duncan' and tangelo 'Sampson' bred in 1909 by Dr. W. T. Swingle and T. R. Robinson in Eustis, Florida. It was named after a local park.

Tangelolo 'Wekiwa' is a prolific, slowly growing tree with small, oval or egg-shaped leaves. It has average (6 - 7cm), spherical fruit that weighs 150 - 160g and forms a small neck. The yellow, quite thin and well attached rind is very smooth and has in favorable climate also a hint of pink. It has also a very juicy, soft and pleasantly sour pulp that can get sweeter and becomes dark pink as it ripens. The pulp is usually divided into 10 segments, contains only a few seeds and less bitter juices than grapefruits. It is sometimes also called 'Pink'.

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