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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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UGLI ® Tangelo Tanželo

Ugli C


Tangelo 'Ugli' is an unuasual early variety, probably a cross of tangerine and grapefruit/shaddock that occurred in Brown's Town, Jamaica. It was discovered in 1914 by G. G. R. Sharp and it soon became very popular.

Tangelo 'Ugli' is an erect, high, very vigorous tree that resembles tangerine trees. It requires hot and well sheltered spot with excellent drainage. It produces big (11-15cm), egg-shaped or pear-shaped fruit with ridges on the neck. It has flattened and falling apex. Its rind is in full ripeness (April) dark yellow-orange, quite thick, leathery, pebbled and full of ridges; it can be harvested, when the rind is yellow with green spots and the fruit colors up badly in tropical regions. Its name is very characteristic description of the fruit ("ugly"). The light orange pulp is very soft, juicy, sweet, delicious and is divided usually into 12 easily separable segments with stronger membranes and quite a lot of seeds. It is usually eaten with a spoon. This cultivar ripens in Jamaica in December or January and the fruit is very popular in England, Canada and Netherland. It is grown mostly in Jamaica, because the fruit from New Zealand or The Republic of South Africa has bad ratio of sugars and acids. This variety requires the tropical climate.

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