Product Code: Seminole
Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Seminole Tangelo Tanželo



'Seminole' is a late variety bred in 1931 by Dr. W. T. Swingle in Eustis, Florida. It is a cross of grapefruit 'Duncan' and tangerine 'Dancy', so from the same maternal varieties as 'Orlando' and 'Minneola'. 'Seminole' is the least popular cultivar of these 3. It was named after an Indian tribe of Seminols that inhabited Florida a long time before colonization. The biggest disadvantage of this variety is the amount of seeds and too much acids.

'Seminole' is a wide, not very high and prolific tree with average, rounded leaves similar to the leaves of 'Orlando' or 'Sampson'. This variety is self-fertile and produces average (6-6,5 cm), wide and very flattened fruit with dark red-orange, thin, grainy and well attached rind. The bright orange pulp is very soft, juicy and sour; it is suitable for processing into juice. The pulp is usually divided into 11-13 segments containing 20-25 small seeds (green inside). 'Seminole' fruit resembles 'Minneola' fruit and generally looks like tangerine. It ripens from April to May and is cultivated mostly in warm areas of Honshu, Kjushu and Shikoku in Japan (because sour varieties are popular there). It has less sour fruit on Poncirus rootstock in New Zealand.

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