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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Orlando Tangelo Tanželo

Lake, Orlando 4n, také


Tangelo 'Orlando' is a cross of grapefruit 'Duncan' and tangerine 'Dancy' that was bred in 1911 by Dr. W. T. Swingle and it has the same maternal varieties as 'Minneola' and 'Seminole'. It was named in honor of citrus breeding and research facility in Orlando, Florida, where it was bred.

Tangelo 'Orlando' is a tree very similar to 'Minneola', it is only slightly less vigorous, high and is more cold hardy. Its crown is much wider and it has many elliptic leaves. The spherical, slightly flattened fruit is rather average (5,5-7,5cm), only slightly smaller than 'Minneola', weighs 110-190g and has small ridges in the navel area. Its orange rind is slightly curved at the tip, thin, soft, easy to peel and contains essential oils. Rind is well attached to the orange, soft, very juicy (up to 46%), soft, aromatic, sweet and orange pulp that lacks acids. It is divided into 10-14 segments and contains a few seeds. Ripe fruit shouldn't be left on the tree, as it loses the quality. Another important factor that makes the fruit of this cultivar much more enjoyable is the pollinator (the best pollinators for this variety are Clementine tangerine 'Commune', tangerine 'Dancy', Hybrid tangerine 'Fairchild', tangelo 'Kinnow' and tangor 'Temple'). Successful pollination also increases the amount of seeds in the fruit. The worst possible pollinator for this cultivar is tangelo 'Minneola'.

Tangelo 'Orlando' is ideal for hot summers and temperate winter areas. The fruit can be harvested from October to November, soon after the hybrid tangerine 'Nova'. The excellent and delicious flavor made this variety the most popular tangelo in Florida. Nowadays it is being replaced with tangelo 'Sunburst', 'Fallglo' or 'Murcott'.

Depending on the type of soils, several rootstocks can be sued. The most ideal rootstock in sandy soils for this cultivar is 'Cleopatra'. Higher yields in Florida were achieved on rootstocks sweet lime and rough lemon. Favorite rootstocks in Texas are also citrumelo 'Swingle', citrange 'Morton' and 'Rangpur'. The fruit's quality is exquisite on Citrus aurantium, tangerine 'Sun Chu Sha', 'Keraji' and kishumikan 'Kino kuni' as well. Tangelo 'Orlando' is also sometimes used as a rootstock too.

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