Changsha mandarina

Changsha mandarina
Product Code: Changsha mandarina
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Changsha  Citrus reticulata  Blanco   Mandarina

Ch'ang-sha, Tch'ang-cha


'Changsha' is an early variety originating in Ch'ang-sha, Hu-nan province, China. It grows well on colder shores of USA and resembles Unshiu tangerine. It is referred to as tangerine or mandarina, but its true origin remains a mystery.

It is an erect, robust, quite vigorous tree that is rumored to have survived temperatures as low as -15°C in Arlington, Texas. 'Changsha' has incredibly varying yields. The fruit is medium-sized (5,5-6,5cm), flattened and has dark orange, pebbled, thin and easy to peel rind. Its dark orange pulp is tender, soft, sweet and very juicy, it is usually divided into 10 segments and its locules are hollow, with a few seeds. This tangerine is also grown as a decorative plant.

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