Chironja orangelo

Chironja orangelo
Chironja orangelo
Product Code: Chironja orangelo
Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Chironja Orangelo Oranželo

Clone 2-3, Clone 2-4, Clone 3-6, Djerook Sinonja

'Chironja orangelo' originates in Puerto Rico, where it was discovered in 1956 by Carlos G. Moscoso, it's most probably a natural hybrid of orange and grapefruit. It shares most of its characteristics with the latter mentioned above and that's the reason why it so often is classified as grapefruit. Its name is a combination of words; china, a local term for orange, and toronja, Spanish term for grapefruit.  'Chironja orangelo' is a vigorous tree that has thorns on young branches and its leaves resemble those of grapefruit very much, they are broad and have large wings on their petioles. It blossoms mainly in May or June, but flowers appear throughout the year. It begins to blossom for the first time after 6 years, the fruit usually grows individually, but some of them also in clusters, they hold well on the tree for a long time. Typical fruit is spherical, 8-9,5cm long in diameter, weighs about 290-310g and has a thick (9-11mm), smooth, yellow, slightly pebbled and easy to peel rind.  The pulp is yellow-orange, thick, very juicy, before ripening also sour and bitter at the same time, after ripening swwet without the grapefruit's bitter flavor. It is typically divided into 9-13 segments and the central column is hollow, with a few (4-5) highly polyembrionic seeds. It is a favorite variety in Puerto Rico and the fruit is eaten either peeled and halved with a spoon or just the juice. The rind is usually

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