Eustis Limequat

Product Code: Eustis Limequat
Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Eustis Limequat Lajmkvat Limonela

It is a cultivar bred by Dr. W. T. Swinglem in 1909 in Eustis, Florida. It was described and named in 1913 and it is a cross of kumquat 'Marumi' and Mexican lime 'West Indian' (which it resembles with its color). All the limequats are more cold tolerant than limes, but less resistant to frosts than kumquats.
Limonela is a large, quite vigorous tree that has long branches with small, yet very sharp thorns. Its leaves are dark green, except the backside, where they are light green, in average 5-7,5cm long and slightly bowl shaped. Petioles connecting the leaves to branches are narrow and have small wings. Its buds and flowers are white and the small, kumquat resembling fruit is spherical or oval, 3-4cm wide, weighs about 15-20g and has nipple on the tip. Limonela fruit's rind is very smooth, thin (1,5mm) usually light yellow with green spots and lots of essential oils. There's no bitter flavor similar to that of limes. When it is ripe, the pulp becomes light yellow, very soft, acidic, juicy and aromatic. It has an average of 6-9 segments ad 5-12 very small green seeds. The fruit has excellent quality and is harvested upon reaching the harvesting size, which would be a size of a commercial lemon.
Limonela is slightly more productive than Mexican lime 'West Indian' and bares fruit almost year-round. It is suitable not only for greenhouses, but also for growing in pots. The clone's name 'Limonela' was not verified.

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