Citrus ichangensis

 Citrus ichangensis
 Citrus ichangensis  Citrus ichangensis  Citrus ichangensis
Product Code: Ichang papeda
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Ichang Citrus ichangensis Swingle Ičang papeda

Adsae, Clon K, de Ichang, Huanong, Ichang Anthocyanné, Ichang Blanc, Ketsa Seupfu, ketsa shupfer, Ketsa-shupfu, Manao Prieo, Ma- ngua, Masan, Yeganzhi, Yichan chen

Citrus 'ichangensis' Swingle originates in China - Hubei, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, but there is also a Californian form.
It is a small, not too vigorous shrub very resistant to drought. Its leaves are egg-shaped and have pointed tips. Leaf petioles are very long, sometimes as long as the leaf itself and have wide wings. Flowers of this variety are small when compared to other citruses and its young shoots are covered with thorns.
This cultivar is also considerably cold and frost hardy. It is said to survive winters as cold as -14°C in China and belongs to the northernmost growing citruses of all. It is successfully cultivated in central Great Britain and I can confirm that it survived -10°C for the duration of 3 hours without any problems.
Fruit of citrus 'ichangensis' Swingle is small (3-5cm), elliptic, probably as big as that of poncirus trifoliate and has a small nipple with a round ridge. The rind is typically yellow-green, pebbled, quite thick, holds well to the pulp and has lots of essential oils. Yellow-white pulp is very soft, inedible and not very juicy, but contains essential oils. It is often divided into 8 segments full of monoembryonic seeds that have excellent germination ratio.
Citrus 'ichangensis' Swingle is an excellent rootstock for lemons. USSR experimented by crossing citrus ichangensis with various orange varieties, but unsuccessfully. The quality of juice was quite good, yet there was too much fruit falling off the tree. This variety's clone 'Hsiang Yüan' has large fruit with many seeds (up to 60).

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