Fortunela margarita

Fortunela margarita
Product Code: Nagami
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Nagami Fortunella margarita (Lour.) Swingle Oválný kumkvat

Cinese, Jin jie, Luofu, Naga kinkan, Negame, Nippon, Oval, Ovale, Pearl, Perlé

This kumquat originates in Western China and belongs to the oldest citruses. It is widely cultivated in China, Japan, USA and was brought to the attention of Europeans by Robert Fortune in Kanton (1846). Nowadays it can be found growing in Marocco, Israel, Brazil, California and Florida.
'Nagami' is a big, very vigorous tree that can grow as tall as 4,5m in ideal climates. It is said to be fairly frost tolerant (supposedly up to -2°C) and has very dense crown with a few or no thorns on branches. Its leaves are small, elliptic or oval and usually slightly larger than those of other kumquats. They are also dark green on the outside and have obvious venation on the backside of the leaf. Young shoots are typically slightly awkward and light green. 'Nagami'mainly flowers in summer and its flowers are very small, white and aromatic, they usually grow individually. Its date-like fruit is either oval or slightly elongated (4,5cm long and 1,5-3cm wide) and weighs about 5-20g. The orange rind is usually smooth and aromatic, mainly because of large amounts of essential oils. This fruit is edible, but tastes rather badly and there's always very intensive bitter flavor in the background. Its pulp contains almost no acidic juices and is divided into 4-5 segments with only about 2-5 long and quite large seeds. The whole fruit tastes like a well balanced combination of acidic and sweet flavor and ripens usually from October to January. The fruit holds well on the tree and doesn't usually fall down, this variety is easy to graft and cross and is one of the best varieties suitable to grow in flats and at home. It's however slightly more vigorous than other kumquats.

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