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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Fairchild Citrus sp. Hybridní mandarina



'Fairchild' is a semi-early variety that was bred in 1948 by J. B. Furr in Indio, California. It is a cross of tangerine Clementine 'Commune' and tangelo 'Orlando'. It makes up to 35% of the entire production of tangerines in California and was released to public in 1964. It was named after an American botanist David Fairchild, who founded a reservation in Everglades, Florida.

'Fairchild' is average high and wide tree with almost thornless branches. It has lots of smaller, spear-shaped leaves. It tolerates hot and dry climates, such as many parts of California and Arizona and requires lots of heat to produce the full quality fruit. The highest yields usually occur, when this variety is pollinated by another, completely different citrus. What this tree produces are average (5-6cm), slightly flattened fruit that can weigh up to 90-110 g. It has dark orange, smooth, difficult to peel rind full of various essential oils and orange, sweet pulp that resembles tomato pulp. It has very well balanced ratio of sugars and acids and is divided into 11 segments. When the tree produces too many individual fruits; they are typically smaller than usually. 'Fairchild' doesn't require pollination by other citrus, but when it is pollinated by certain variaties (e.g. tangelo 'Orlando'), it contains lots of polyembrionic seeds and there is much more fruit on the branches. 'Fairchild' ripens in November (Spain) and the fruit usually doesn't fall off the tree by itself.

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