Citrus australis Hanbury rounde

Citrus australis Hanbury rounde
Product Code: Hanbury round
Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Australian round Microcitrus australis (A. Cunn. ex Mudie) Swingle

Australian sweet, Dooja, Gympie, Limetta rotonda, Limetta rotonda australiana, Round

Citrus australis originates in Queensland, Australia. Targioni Tozzetti wrote a work in 1853 about a new citrus called Citrus australis, which was brought to his garden on Servi Street, Florence from Germany by Count di Bourtlain. It was widely distributed after 1841, at first to the Botanical Garden in Florence and then also to other gardens in Pisa, Bologni, Modena and Neapol.

Citrus australis likes dry climates, even drier than microcitrus 'Australian finger' and surprisingly isn’t damaged by cold weather. It is a high, narrow tree (9-18m) that grows on the borders of Brisbane rainforests and further to the north. Citrus australis has strong, leathery leaves with certain specific characteristics; they are narrow and long on young trees and much wider when the tree matures (2,5-5cm long). It has purple young shoots and small, white, individually growing flowers that later form spherical, 2,5-8cm long in diameter fruit that has yellow-green skin with lots of pores. Its rind is used as spices and sometimes also stewed. Citrus australis’ pulp is usually sour with a hint of bitterness; it is divided in 5-6 segments.

The fruit is usually eaten fresh. This citrus has also been tested as rootstock (only past few years) and its new taxonomical name is Citrus australis (A. Cunn. ex Mudie) Swingle.

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