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Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Miho Citrus Unshiu Marc. Mandarina unshiu

Miho wase, Sanpo


'Miho' is an early, quite popular Wase group variety that originates in Japan and was bred as a special Miyagawa seedling in 1940, just like the ‘Okitsu'. According to many sources 'Miho' was bred directly from Okitsu, not Myjagawa. It was patented in 1963 and soon became popular in The Republic of South Africa, where its fruit doesn't form any neck.

'Miho' is a robust tree, much more vigorous than Okitsu and is very resistance to fungal diseases. It is necessary to reduce its high yields early in the season otherwise it might start producing fruit erratically and unreliably each year and the fruit growing in clusters can be deformed due to lack of space. 'Miho' fruit is much more flattened than Miyagawa fruit and it generally is bigger than other tangerines (8-10cm), orange and can easily be peeled (even though it is thicker than Okitsu fruit rind). Furthermore the rind tends to crack, when it is not harvested shortly after fully ripening. The pulp is very juicy (up to 45%) and contains more sugars and fewer acids than other varieties, which is a desired effect in our climate. Its segments are divided by thick membranes and are generally almost completely seedless. It is necessary to cut the fruit off the tree along with its peduncle, otherwise it can be damaged. This variety ripens a week earlier than Kawano and Kartuli, but roughly 2 weeks after Okitsu, usually sometimes in November in our climate. It is incompatible with several rootstocks, most important to mention is citrange Troyer. Small habitus and root system makes this variety one of the most suitable for growing in pots.


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