Kawano wase

Kawano  wase
Kawano  wase
Product Code: Kawano wase
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Kawano Citrus unshiu Marc. Mandarina unšiu

Kawano Wase, Kowano


'Kawano wase' is an old Japanese variety. It's a dwarf tree named after a grower Nagoji Kawano. It was discovered in 1895 as a bud sport of the basic cultivar 'Unshiu'. It has small, light green leaves and a dense, compact crown. One of the biggest advantages of this variety is its very high yield. Both, the flowers and the fruit grow in big clusters. 'Kawano wase' fruit is very asymmetric, small or average (4-7cm), weighs 70-150g and is slightly flattened. Its smooth, quite thin, orange or red-orange pulp can easily be peeled. The pulp is distinctively dark orange, quite juicy, sweet and sour, refreshing and has excellent aroma. It's usually divided into 12 segments containing almost no seeds. The fruit ripens from 10th to 15th October, roughly 25 days before most of other Unshiu tangerines. It also starts producing fruit much earlier than any other cultivar. The ripe fruit hanging on the tree continuously loses its quality.

'Kawano wase' was brought to Croatian city Opuzen in 1965 and soon proved to have excellent horticultural characteristics. It didn't take long until the variety was cultivated in large scale and it got a new market name: "Russian tangerine". Other cultivars, such as more yielding 'Selection Kawano' were bred from this variety.

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