Product Code: Hashimoto
Plant Base: poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Hashimoto Citrus unshiu Marc. Mandarina unšiu



'Hashimoto' originates in Japan and belongs to very early ripening Unshiu tangerine group called Goko Wase. It was discovered in 1963 by M. Hashimoto as a bud sport of the 'Matsuyama' cultivar in Tomange and Aichi.

'Hashimoto' is a small, dwarf-sized tree or shrub with thornless branches and elongated, dark green leaves. It can be planted very close to another tree and requires only minimal spacing on the plantains. It starts producing the typical, slightly flattened, big fruit (similar to 'Okitsu' fruit) at very early age. It has a dark orange, quite thin rind that goes easily off the refreshing, juicy, sweet and aromatic pulp divided into easily separated segments. This is one of only few cultivated Unshiu varieties in Spain, where it ripens from an early September. That's why it is slightly more important than for example 'Okitsu' (which has more delicious fruit). The fruit mus be harvested as soon as it ripens, otherwise it may lose most of its quality. 'Hashimoto' requires more sandy and rocky soils, it performs badly in rich soils and makes also an excellent indoor variety.


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