Citrangequat Thomasvill

Citrangequat Thomasvill
Citrangequat Thomasvill Citrangequat Thomasvill
Product Code: Thomasvill
Plant Base: Poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Citrangequat Thomasville


It was bred in USA, in 1909 as a cross of oval cumquat F. margarita (Lour.) Swingle and citrange. It has the same origin as 'Telfair' and fruited for the first time in Thomasvill. Considering the size of the fully edible fruit, it’s no wonder, that it has been gaining popularity. Of all the citrangequats, this is the mist yielding variety.

This evergreen tree is very robust and erect with many thorns. Its leaves have many different shapes, most of them are trifoliate, but there are also many simple leaves and the petiole is quite narrow. The fruit have the shape and size of chicken egg (3-5 cm), sometimes more spherical, sometimes more flattened. They usually are in such amounts, that the branches bend towards the ground. This citrangequat’s rind is slightly wavy and very thin. The pulp is very juicy, acidic before ripening and sweet after ripening. There’s only very little seeds in the fruit (2-6).

Thomasvill is considerably hardy (up to -12°C), it can be grown in the ground with adequate protection, but for our region it still remains the best choice for cold greenhouses. Thomasvill blossoms again after the late spring frosts. It is also used as a rootstock for cold overwintering and growing dwarf varieties.

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