Citrange Rusk

Citrange Rusk
Citrange Rusk Citrange Rusk Citrange Rusk
Product Code: Citrange Rusk
Plant Base: Poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Citrange ‘Rusk’

Rusk Citrange Citranž

de Rush, de Rusk, Hybrid 716, Rusk 716

It’s a very productive, well growing shrub, quite cold tolerant and very attractive and decorative. Rusk is evergreen and semi-deciduous very compact and wide tree, growing to medium heights, with trifoliate leaves and thorns. It was bred in Florida in 1897 by Dr. W. T. Swingle and Dr. H. J. Webber by crossing the sweet orange 'Ruby' and Poncirus, put into the fields in 1905. It’s named in honor of the first USA head of the department of agriculture, M. Rusk. This citrange is very hardy, supposedly to -15°C and is told to be also hardy enough to grow naturally in Czech gardens.

Its flowers and buds are white, bigger than oranges and aromatic. The fruit is however small (3,5-4,5 cm), flat with over falling basis and weak, pebbled, bitter, red to orange rind. Rusk’s pulp is dark orange, very tender and soft, juicy, but also bitter and aromatic. The inner part of the fruit is divided into 10-11 segments and has in average 4-5 seeds. Of all the citranges, this is the most yielding one. Its fruit resembles oranges the most of all citranges as well and are tasty to eat. The juice contained in juice sacks is acidic and is used along with the juices of other citruses in beverages. This citrange is rarely used as a rootstock, mainly because of a very low amount of seeds contained in the fruit.

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