Citrange Morton

Citrange Morton
Citrange Morton
Product Code: Citrange Morton
Plant Base: Poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Citrange ‘Morton’

This hybrid of sweet orange ‘Ruby’ and Poncirus was bred in 1913 by Dr. W. T. Swingle in Florida and took name after an American head of department of agriculture J. Sterling Morton.

This citrange is medium in height, has shorter, not too wide branches with thorns, almost evergreen tree. Its leaves are dark green, trifoliate and simple on the same branch and much larger than those of Poncirus. Both the blossoms and buds are white and big (6 cm) and smell really well. The fruit is medium in size (6,5 - 7 cm in diameter), the largest fruit grows to the size of 7,5 cm in diameter, weighs 450 g and has a spherical shape, slightly flattened with a calyx. Morton’s rind is orange, thinner and not very tough, slightly pebbled and easier to peel with essential oils. The pulp is between yellow and orange, very soft, juicy and usually acidic with wonderful aroma. There usually aren’t any seeds inside the fruit. The membranes among 10 - 13 segments are slightly bitter. The fruit resembles oranges in size, yet taste like grapefruits. Usually, it ripens in the November. Morton’s fruit is used for jams and is undoubtedly the tastiest citrange fruit.

It also is suitable as a good rootstock, not well known though, and is considerably hardy. In hard frosts of -15°C only 8% of all the young shoots were frostbitten. The name ‘Morton’ is sometimes used to refer to a new cultivar, but it isn’t recognized, therefore this name is used only as a synonymic name.

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