Citrange C-35

Citrange C-35
Product Code: Citrange C-35
Plant Base: Poncirus trifoliata
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Citrange ‘C-35’

C-35 Citrange Citranž

Hybrid of sweet orange 'Ruby' and poncirus 'CRC 2552' originating from California, bred in 1951 and released to public in 1987. The tree itself is deciduous and medium high with very wide branches covered with small trifoliate leaves. It is resistant to nematodes (roundworms) and also to weaker cold. The fruit is smaller to medium (5 - 6,5 cm), spherical with an average weight of 120 g. The rind is yellow, very thick and tough with essential oils. The pulp is amber yellow, not too soft with resin-like aroma and divided into 11 – 12 segments, totaling 10 seeds a fruit. It seems to be a promising rootstock, mainly used for navel oranges in California; the quality of the fruit is the same as with the rootstock 'Carrizo'.

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