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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Genoa Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f. citroník

de Genés, EETA, Genoa of Messina, Genova


'Genoa' originates in Genoa (or Genova) in Italy. From there it was brought to California in 1875 and to Florida in 1881. From USA it travelled to Argentina, Chile, India and other countries. It is difficult to say the difference between 'Genoa' and 'Eureka', but in general, 'Genoa' is less vigorous and is smaller in maturity.

The tree also has more leaves, is thornless and young shoots are usually purple. Considering the lemons, it is also quite cold-hardy yet has plenty of fruits each season.

The fruit has typical lemon shape and is quite big (6-7cm in average, weighs around 90-110g). When fully ripe, the rind is smooth and deeply yellow, it is very well attached to the pulp and the whole fruit is rich in essential oils. Its pulp is a little bit grainy, yellow to grey, very juicy, acidic and completely seedless. It is divided into 7-12 segments and the fruit can hang on the tree for an extremely long time. It is used to the temperatures of the California region, very suitable for growing in the flats. Argentinean nucelar clone EETA is more productive, at least in the beginning of the season.

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