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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Lane Late Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Pomerančovník

Lane Late nucelar, Lanelate, Late Lane


'Lane Late' was discovered by Lindsay Late sometime in 1950-1954 in Australian Curlwaa, close to Mildura, Victoria. It is a bud sport of 'Washington' and currently the most cultivated variety in Spain. It is second most popular navel variety in Spain, right after 'Barnfield'.

'Lane Late' is a high, vigorous tree with more spikes than 'Navelate'. Its fruit is smaller (7-9cm) than the 'Washington' fruit, weighs 230-320g, has more obvious navel, less sugars and lots of juices (44 %). It has golden-orange rind (less intensive color early in the season, more intensive, when the fruit is ripe, it can even get slightly green then) that is average thick, easy to peel (difficult to peel, if the fruit was grown in warmer climates). The orange pulp is quite soft, slightly worse than 'Navelate', juicy (up to 40 %) and is divided into 11 segments containing no seeds. The yields are not stable, but excellent anyway, a typical plantain tree can have 250-280 individual fruits that ripen quite late; it can be harvested from January to March (in sandy soils fruit ripens later). It can hang on the tree for a very long time provided that it was treated with giberlin (otherwise it will granulate and go green again).

'Lane Late' fruit can be processed to juice (because it contains only limited amounts of acids - limoninu), but it must be done so quickly, because it granulates and dries out quickly (especially those grafted on lemon rootstocks and grown in sandy soils). The rind is really strong and it can hardly be damaged during the storage process.

This cultivar is usually grafted on Poncirus in Argentina and the fruit has excellent flavor. It is the most widely cultivated variety in Chile.

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