Fukumoto navel

Fukumoto navel
Product Code: Fukumoto navel
Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Fukumoto Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Pomerančovník


'Fukumoto navel' is a Japanese navel variety that was discovered in 1990 close to Kokawa-cho, Wakayma prefecture and was found in the garden of S. Fukumoto. It's been grown in California ever since then.


'Fukumoto navel' is an erect, quite high tree with typical, intensively green, average orange tree leaves and its young shoots are deep green. Its fruit is rather big (7,5-8,5cm) spherical or slightly flattened, weighs 300g and has small, well hidden navel. The yellow-orange or orange rind is pebbled, quite thick and softer than the rind of 'Washington' variety. 'Fukumoto navel' fruit's orange, soft, aromatic pulp contains lots of sugars, and juices and only a few acids. It is usually divided into 12 segments and contains only a few seeds. The fruit usually ripens from November to December, usually shortly after 'Newhall' and around 3-4 weeks before the 'Washington' cultivar and pulp is ripe before the rind colors up. Japanese farmers harvest it in February, because the fruit has better quality then. It tends to make lots of chimeras in California, but regardless that its rind can easily get damaged.


'Fukumoto navel' is a very promising variety for the future.

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