Maltaise Sanguine

Maltaise Sanguine
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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Maltaise Sanguine Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Pomerančovník

Bourtoukal, Demi Sanguine, Lessan Aasfour, Maltaise ½ sanguine, Maltaise ½ sanguine SG, Maltaise de Tunisie, Maltaise Demi Sanguine, Maltaise Semi-sanguine, Maltese Blood, Malti âssir, Meski ahmar, Portokallo, Portugaise, Portugaise ½ sanguine, Portugaise Blood, Tunisian Maltaise

The origin of this very old variety is unknown, but it most probably originates in Malta and was soon brought to Tunis. It was often referred to as C. aurantium L. var. melitense in the past. 'Maltaise Sanguine' has many various forms and each of them has different fruit shape, color and growing habitus. The rind usually has the same color as the pulp, but sometimes the pigmentation can be absent.


'Maltaise Sanguine' is an average high, very prolific tree that tends to have varying yields each year. It likes heavy soils and the fruit has such an excellent quality that this variety is in France called "queen of oranges." The fruit is average, slightly elongated or spherical and has quite thick, slightly grainy, very soft and easy to peel rind. Pulp color varies in every climate, but it's usually distinctively orange and the fruit's flesh is delicious, soft, very juicy and aromatic (it can be both sour and sweet) and it contains only few seeds. Ripening usually occurs from January to February and ripe fruit can hang on the tree long after ripening. They are not easy to store or transport for extended period of time.


There are many known, difficult to distinguish clones of this variety. The most popular and famous is 'Portugaise', which has slightly more erect leaves and branches and is widely cultivated in Algeria (because of the fruit quality).

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