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Plant Base: citrumelo Swingle 4475
Plant Size (Height): 30.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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Shamouti Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck Pomerančovník

Addorosa, Ahmer jaffa, Cyprus Oval, de Jaffa, Florida Jaffa, Chami, Chamouti, Iafaoui Beladi, Iaffaoui, Iaffaoui douce, Israeli, Jaffa, Jaffaoui, Jappa, Joba, Joppa, Joppa Late, Joppe, Palestine Jaffa, Ronde, Rounded Jaffa, Shamouti Beladi, Shamouti Iaffaoui, Shamoutis, Yafa, Yafawi, Yaffaoui, Yaffaoui Chamouti


'Jappa' is the best, semi-early American variety that was discovered in 1844 near Jaffa, Israel as a mutation of 'Commune' ('Beladi'). 'Jappa' seeds were brought to Florida in 1883 and thanks to its superior cold tolerance; almost no seeds in the fruit and delicious pulp soon became one of the most popular and important varieties known only as 'Jaffa'. It is also widely cultivated in Israel, Cyprus and Turkey (nowadays being replaced by navel varieties and tangerines). "Shamout" shamout means "rod" or "straw", "Shamoutee" means "oil lamp".

'Jappa' is a robust, erect, average high tree with thornless branches and excellent cold resistance. It has large, broad leaves and is popular also for its high (although unstable) fruit production. The solid, spherical fruit is quite average in size (6,5-7cm) and flattened on the poles. It has orange, very intensively colored, slightly pebbled and grainy rind. 'Jappa' fruit's orange, very soft, fleshy, aromatic pulp divided into 8-12 easily separable segments. 'Jappa' ripens in the middle of December, slightly later in Israel and can't hang ripe on the tree for too long (the juices become bitter). Ripe fruit can easily be stored and is very popular in Europe. 'Jappa' productivity and fruit quality varies with the climate, soil and used rootstocks (grafted on lime 'Palestine' in Israel, on Sour Orange in Cyprus...).

'Jappa' is also ideal for growing indoors. It is called 'Addorosa' in South Africa and the original clones, 'Jaffa' and 'Joppa' have slightly smaller (5-5,5cm), spherical, elongated fruit with well attached rind and excellent, sweet pulp containing only few seeds. Clone 'Joppa' is also sometimes described as individual variety originating in the city Joppa, which is however just a Greek translation of Hebrew Jaffa.

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