Brand: exotickerostliny
Product Code: 816
Container Size (Diameter): 2.00cm
Plant Base: Diospyros virginiana
Plant Size (Height): 50.00cm
Plant Age: 3 year
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‘816' is a tree growing in the middle of the front yard of a house just up the street from my office; current owner knows
nothing about it, but one of the previous owners must have been a fruit enthusiast, as there are quite a few nice
apples/pears in the backyard - and it would be unusual for most folks to plant a persimmon as the focal point of their
small residential yard, unless they were ‘into' them. There is a male persimmon planted at the edge of the driveway at
the edge of the yard - I have seen it bear an occasional fruit from time to time. I've always wondered if the fruiting
female tree might be Meader or Early Golden, as those two are probably the most widely disseminated American
persimmon varieties. I think I do have some grainy digital photos of the ‘816' tree - I'll see if I can find them and forward
to you. It looks pretty sad right now - it bears so heavily that it has broken quite a few sizeable limbs out over the past
few years, just due to the weight of the fruit load. Average size fruits, with good flavor, seeded, usually dropping first
ripe fruits here around 21 September in Kentucky.

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